Your first step during normal business hours is to contact your independent insurance broker. Your broker is there to serve you and will look after all the details of reporting your claim for you.

There are two ways these Fleet/Garage Auto clients can report a claim.

Note: Premier/SGIC policies are identifiable with the prefix of PCAXXXXXXX.

  1. Email new losses to

The claims is then assigned to the appropriate Sovereign Claims Handler, based on the location of the loss.

  1. Claim Reported to Toll-Free Claims Reporting Number at 1-833-376-8436

The toll-free claims reporting number will be printed on the client’s liability slip, in the event a claim needs to be reported. Calls to the toll-free number will be directed to Sovereign General claims offices, based on location.

Claims Contact Information

Brokers if you have questions about a client’s claim, contact Claims at 1-833-376-8436 or by email at