In these extraordinary times, one thing you can depend on is ‘Premier’ and our passion to help our Valued Partners.

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, we have developed this Q&A guideline. We may not have all the answers but are all working hard to find solutions to assist you as events unfold.  This Q&A will be updated as we confront new questions and develop further guidelines for you and your clients.

Is Premier open for business?
Yes, we are! In order to keep our staff, communities and valued partners safe and healthy, we have implemented a broad work from home policy.  Email contact information can be found by clicking below and is the best way to reach Premier. We have a dedicated team monitoring these emails to ensure all enquiries are being handled promptly

All email contact lists remain intact and can be found hereThis means we will continue to receive all your requests for new submissions, renewals, policy changes, accounting and claims. Our teams are all working hard to assist you by issuing renewals as quickly as possible ahead of expiry
Office Phone Numbers:
Vancouver, BC  604.669.5211
Toronto, ON416.365.0444
London, ON519.850.1610
Cambridge, ON519.850.1610
Laval, QC450.497.0016
Canada—Toll Free866.316.2622
Direct Employee Numbers : please visit our website, your underwriter contact information can be found under each product class.

PRESTO, our online quote to issuance portal is fully functional and is available 24/7 for you to quote and issue policies! For a full list of products available on PRESTO, please click here.  You can Login to PRESTO here .

Our Business Development Team continues to be available by phone and/or can arrange a Virtual Training Meeting or Accredited Educational Webinar for your office.  For any specific inquiries, please contact our National Business Development Director – Tina Jonmaire by email or by Tel. at 519.494.9186

If a broker/agent is working remotely and can’t get a signed application, will we still accept it
Yes.  So long as you have the E-Signature from your Client on a Premier application (not applicable for Commercial Auto), we will accept it without the Broker/Agent’s signature to bind.  We expect the Broker/Agent has done their due diligence and verified that all of the information on the completed, signed & dated application by the insured is correct and valid. A clear and legible picture of the fully completed and signed application will be sufficient. If you cannot obtain a signed application from the client, please reach out to your underwriter to work with you to find a solution.

Is there business interruption coverage for COVID-19 related interruptions?
Industry standard policy forms covering Business Interruption, Civil Authority, and Extra Expense all require direct damage to insured property by an insured peril before any coverage will respond. Generally, there is no coverage for pandemic related business interruption. If you are unsure, please continue to submit all claims enquiries to and our claims professionals will review and assist as best as possible.

How will we receive our client’s policy documents?
As per existing process, all policy documents will continue to be emailed directly to the office email address that you currently have assigned in our system for policy deliverance. We are working to have all renewals out in advance of a minimum of 30 days, striving for 40-45 days where possible.

Are you making exceptions for late payments of accounts?
Given this challenging time we understand that it may become more difficult to collect payment from your clients, or for you to submit payments to Premier. For this reason, we are amending our enforcement of overdue receivables to 60 days, to allow for any delayed remittances. Please communicate with us as quickly as possible if you have a delayed payment situation or any other payment issue by emailing and one of our professionals will work with you to find an alternative solution! This is critical to avoid any issuance of registered letters of cancellation for validated non-payment of receivables 90 days+ overdue.

Do you have another form of payment other than Broker/Agent Cheque?
We normally accept Broker/Agent Cheque. We will support ClearPay if your Broker/Agent Management System (e.g.: Applied, Keal/SIG/Vertafore, and Powerbroker) is currently integrated with this add-in module. Please contact if you want to discuss other options

Are you waiving the Minimum earned & retained if a business is affected by a COVID-19 related closure?
If you need to cancel a policy due to a COVID-19 related business interruption, suspension, or closure, please contact your local underwriter and we will work through Minimum Earned premium due under the policy. Return of premium shall be calculated on a short-rate basis in accordance with the policy terms and conditions.

Can we suspend/put a current policy on hold until the pandemic has passed?
At this time, we are not suspending or putting any policies on hold.

How are we handling in force insurance policies that expire during the period of the Emergency Declaration by the government?  For example; if the broker/agent cannot get a hold of the insured or the insureds operations are not deemed ‘essential’ and are forced to close? 
If this is something you require, please reach out to your underwriter, as they will work with you on a solution for extension of coverage

What to do if an insured has a vacant or unoccupied property, or closing operations due to COVID-19?
Some insurers maybe extending the vacancy and unoccupancy permission time periods, if the unoccupancy or vacancy commenced on or after the provincial State of Emergency Declaration. If this is something you require, please reach out to your underwriter, as we look to discuss the coverage options available. Vacant or unoccupied property, or closing operations are material changes. Please notify us immediately if any insured has vacant or unoccupied property, or shut-down operations. Please confirm what has been done to protect the property from damage or loss?  We may need to change policy terms and conditions (such as adding a vacancy permit warranty).

Where practical and permitted, the following are some best practices that should be adhered to:

  • Lock and secure all doors, windows, openings.
  • All rubbish be removed from within and about premises
  • Ensure all declared fire protection or burglary alarm systems are active (where present).
  • Ensure all fire-protection (sprinklers and smoke/fire-detection) systems are active.
  • Maintain sufficient heating to prevent freezing damage.
  • Shut-off water and drained the system and appliances of water (excluding sprinkler systems).
  • Conduct routine checks of the premises, as frequently as permissible.

Please review policy wordings for warranty or exclusion conditions that may affect coverage due to the change in use.

Our insured has a Builder’s Risk policy, but the construction site has been temporarily shut down due to the emergency declaration. What options are available if the site is closed for more than a month?
Extensions of coverage may be available for construction inactivity resulting from the COVID-19 emergency. Please contact your underwriter to discuss your insured’s circumstance and we will work with you on solution.

Are we adding COVID-19 exclusion to new/renewal/extension policies?
We are currently in discussion with all our insurers. Some Insurers are requiring a COVID-19 exclusion and some are not. It is likely that we will be required to apply an exclusion to new & renewal policies soon. We will notify you when these changes need to be implemented.

Are we still conducting/requiring loss control inspections?
In person-inspections have been put on hold following COVID-19 health safety guidance and will be resumed once health guidelines permit.

We encourage you to keep sending in your questions and concerns!

Thank you for your continuing support and patience. Be safe, healthy and calm through this challenging time.


Mo Kaur
Pesident & COO