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Quote and Issue Policy Documents within minutes, right from your desktop with our online PRESTO portal:

Classes Products currently available
Environmental Lines Tanks
Professional Lines Life Agents / Architects & Engineers / Miscellaneous Professionals
/ IT Professionals / D&O (Non-Profit & Condo Corp)
Commercial Lines Special Events / Hole in One / Equipment Breakdown / Residential Builders Risk
Personal Lines Personal Property in Storage / Personal Umbrella / Motorcycle (BC only) / Mobile Home / Seasonal Dwelling / Vacant Dwelling / Vacant Condo / Rented Dwelling / Student Rented Dwelling / Residential Builders Risks
Marine Lines All types of Pleasurecraft


Step by step – Sign Up and access PRESTO:

  1. To access PRESTO Portal :
    1. With Premier’s website http://premiergroup.ca/
      1. Quote->Policy Issue icon, on the Top Right Corner of the Main Home Page or
      2. Access through specific product page, select Application Form , click on PRESTO icon
    2. Click on PRESTO icon within Premier’s staff email signatures
  2. Once on PRESTO login page, click on create an account link
  3. Complete information requested, click on Sign Up icon
  4. You will receive a Welcome email with an activation link to direct you to PRESTO to activate your account
  5. You’re ready to use PRESTO, enter in your email address and password!


Premier’s Email Address Listing:
New Submissions – rather than sending new submissions to individual underwriters at Premier, we ask that you only use the following more general email contacts. This will help us improve our tracking and turnaround time for you.If you are unsure as to where to send a submission, visit our website for specific email address for specific products.

Email Address Product/Specialty
newbizmarine@premiergroup.ca All Marine – Pleasurecraft submissions
newbizpersonal@premiergroup.ca All Personal Lines submissions
newbizprofessional@premiergroup.ca All Professional Lines submissions
newbizenvironmental@premiergroup.ca All Environmental submissions
newbizconstruction@premiergroup.ca All Construction submissions
newbizcommauto@premiergroup.ca All Commercial Auto submissions
newbizcommercial@premiergroup.ca All other Commercial submissions (excl. classes above)
newbizevents@premiergroup.ca All Special Events submissions
newbizcommercialmarine@premiergroup.ca All Commercial Marine submissions

Policy Change Requests – to minimize delays and confusion ie which office, which department or which person to send your requests to, please email all your endorsement requests including cancellations to:

Email Address Product/Specialty
processingcommercial@premiergroup.ca All Commercial requests including Professional, General Property, Construction and Environmental
processingpersonal@premiergroup.ca All Personal Lines requests
processingmarine@premiergroup.ca All Marine Pleasurecraft requests
processingcommercialmarine@premiergroup.ca All Commercial Marine requests
processingcommauto@premiergroup.ca All Commercial Auto requests

All Other Requests

Email Address Type of request
accounting@premiergroup.ca All accounting, statement, payment, invoice requests
claims@premiergroup.ca All Claims requests