What should I do if I experience a loss to my home or property?

  • Do what is necessary to mitigate your loss and prevent further damage by arranging for reasonable temporary repairs as soon as possible. Any occurrence or circumstances that could give rise to a claim must be reported immediately
  • Contact your insurance agent or broker to file a Home / Property Notice of Loss Form with Premier
  • Keep an accurate record of all temporary repair expenses and other expenses that may be considered for reimbursement
  • Make a room by room list of what was damaged. Be specific, with brand names and the place and date of purchase
  • If possible, place damaged items in a secure area where they can be inspected by the Claims Adjuster

Once the loss report is filed, what happens next?

  • An adjuster will be assigned to your claim. This adjuster will contact you directly
  • The adjuster will investigate causation of loss in order to determine what coverage is available
  • The adjuster will evaluate the damage to your property and write up a report for Premier
  • The damage report and a repair estimate will be reviewed by our claims department
  • If a claim is filed against you, refer to the Liability / Injury Claims FAQs

Who appoints the contractor for repairs?

  • The adjuster may recommend contractors but ultimately the choice is up to you
  • If you prefer to use a contractor known to you, then you provide your contractor with a scope of the damage as outlined by the adjuster

What if one contractor’s estimate is higher?

  • If two or more estimates are obtained, the policy will pay the most reasonable estimate
  • If you have questions regarding the difference in estimates, contact your adjuster. The difference in contractors will be discussed and referred to Premier to achieve resolution

What if more damage is found once repairs begin?

  • Contact your adjuster before any additional repairs are made. Depending on the additional damage, we may need to inspect your home/property again

How much will my policy pay?

  • You will be indemnified for the costs incurred, based on the policy in place
  • All policies have a deductible that is paid by the policy holder
  • Some policies may contain an actual cash value or depreciation clause. Please inquire for details on your specific claim and policy wording
  • Any upgrades to your home or property during the course of the repair will be at the policyholder’s expense
  • A cheque for repairs will be issued directly to the policy holder. If you have a mortgage, the name of the mortgagee may also appear on the cheque because of their legal and financial interest in the property

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