Cyber-attacks, hackers and phishing are more prominent today than ever before and we all must protect ourselves both personally and professionally. EVERYONE has a CYBER EXPOSURE; from personal computers, laptops, smart devices, IoT (internet of things) like Alexa or Google home – all are potentially providing access to personal funds.

We are excited to offer this “new” – Group Employee Benefit – Cyber insurance package. With minimum premiums starting at $350, this is an excellent enhancement to your client’s Group Employee Benefits program!

Target Market:

  • Any small to medium sized organization that offers or is considering introducing group employee benefits, the Group Employee Benefit – Cyber Policy is a great enhancement. Organizations as small as 3-5 employees up to 2,500 employees are eligible for this group program.


  • 24/7 access to CyberClan incident response helpline & website
  • Aggregate Limit applies to all coverage (no sublimits)
  • Employee Coverage Limit options of $10,000 or $25,000

Coverages included:

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