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Premier Canada Assurance Managers Ltd.

This program targets:

  • Everyone with personal assets to protect!
  • Primary policy limits are no longer enough to cover costs if your client is sued
  • Provides protection for Property, Cars & Boats in USA & Canada

Minimum Premium as low as $129

  • Not Available in New Brunswick


  • Get an instant personal umbrella liability quote + policy on PRESTO!
  • $10M Liability Limit Available!!
  • Available on Stand-Alone Basis
  • No need to schedule underlying policies
  • US Locations – Lower Underlying Limits
  • Standard Retained Limit / Deductible – $0
  • Personal Injury includes Libel & Slander
  • Worldwide Protection
  • Unlimited Legal Defense Costs

Please submit:

All New Submissions (Nationally) to:

All Policy Change Requests (Nationally) to:

For more information contact your underwriter