In order to keep our staff, our communities and valued partners safe and healthy, we have implemented a broad work from home policy. Emails identified below are the best way to reach Premier. We have a dedicated team monitoring these emails to ensure all enquiries are being handled promptly. We appreciate your patience through this time of uncertainty and assure you that we are all working hard to support you and your clients.

Send a Submission

To send a submission, please forward your new business application to:

Email Address Product/Specialty All Marine – Pleasurecraft Submissions All Personal Lines Submissions All Recreational Vehicles Submissions All Professional Lines Submissions All Environmental Submissions All Construction Submissions All Commercial Auto Submissions All Other Commercial Submissions (excl. classes above) All Special Events Submissions All Commercial Marine Submissions

Policy Change Requests

To send policy change requests, please forward your requests to:

Email Address Product/Specialty All Commercial Requests including Professional, General Property, Construction and Environmental All Personal Lines Requests All Recreational Vehicles Requests All Marine Pleasurecraft Requests All Commercial Marine Requests All Commercial Auto Requests

Other Requests

Email Address Type of Request Receptionist – Central / Eastern Canada & Quebec Receptionist – Western Canada All Marketing Inquiries(no submissions please) All Other Presto User Account Inquiries Signed Presto Applications All Accounting, Statement, Payment and Invoice Requests All Claims Requests All Brokerage Account Update Requests