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Cyber-attacks, hackers and phishing are more prominent today than ever before and we all must protect ourselves both personally and professionally. EVERYONE has a CYBER EXPOSURE; from personal computers, laptops, smart devices, IoT (internet of things) like Alexa or Google home – all are potentially providing access to personal funds.

Commercial Cyber Target Risks:

Any small to medium sized organization that manages or owns customer or employee information, third party information, a computer network or a website.

Coverage includes:
• Network Security and Privacy Breach
• Privacy Breach Expenses
• Privacy Regulatory Defence and Penalties
• Business Interruption Loss includes Reputational Damage
• Digital Asset Loss
• Cyber Extortion Threat includes Social Engineering
• 24/7 access to CyberScout incident response helpline and website.
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Personal Cyber Targets Risks:

Individuals with funds in their bank accounts, who have technology exposure within their home including computers or mobile devices, laptops or SMART devices, or connected home technology (IoT).

Coverage includes:
• Cyber Attack
• Ransomware
• Identity Theft
• Cyber Crime
• Smart Devices and Wearables
24/7 access to CyberScout incident response helpline and website.
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